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Accelerated Mobile Pages

(AMP) Design And Development​

Improve your website’s Mobile Web Performance with Prozco Branding’s AMP Services
  • Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project rolled out in early 2016. The project’s main purpose is to boost the entire performance of mobile websites through the elimination of unnecessary elements and scripts, to create method for lightning-fast rendering and delivery of website assets.
  • A year after Google AMP’s launch, pretty much 900,000 websites publish AMP pages - 2 billion AMP pages altogether. This number risen to 31 million publishers and 5 billion AMP pages after yet another year.

A Closer Appear at AMP Advantages

1.Highly Responsive Pages
  • Highly responsive pages without sacrificing the standard of rich content. Improve user experience by using flexible and optimized interface and layout designs.
2.Less Data Consumption
  • Up to 10 occasions lesser data consumption per page load. AMP will not allow JavaScript (aside from some exceptions) streamlines CSS and forces images to lazy load.
3.Increased Overall Website Traffic
  • Increase overall web site traffic and return users. Acquiring highly qualified traffic is crucial. You need people to become buying customers or subscribers. A rise in loading speed and improvement in website performance can do just this.
4.Up to 5x Faster
  • Up to 5 times faster page loading time leading to lower bounce rate and enhanced server response. Normally, 53 percent of users abandon mobile sites that neglect to load pages within 3 seconds. AMP page significantly decreases this time around by loading pages within 0.5 seconds.
5.Prioritized SERP Ranking
  • Priority on mobile SERP ranking. Generally, Google favors mobile-friendly or responsive pages in mobile SERPs. AMP pages possess a larger advantage since loading speed can be an important ranking factor. In conjunction with SEO, AMP pages possess a clear advantage.
Prozco Branding
Prepare and publish your AMP page very quickly and join almost an incredible number of AMP page publishers occupying the very best ranks of SERPs.

Custom AMP Solutions for Different Needs

Take full advantage of the boost that the AMP framework provides. From installation to third-party integrations, Prozco Branding will make sure that the entire process is definitely seamless and stress-free for you personally.

Custom WordPress Themes​
Major e-commerce companies employ AMP not merely to boost site performance but also to improve conversions. We of experts will utilize their years of experience to create AMP pages that work for you whether you run an e-commerce site which has a large inventory of a store with only 1 product.​

Enjoy instant results with this range of AMP services:

- A Dedicated Team of AMP Developers
-Our team of expert AMP developers can simply convert your site archives into AMP pages.

SYNERGY with Prozco Branding
  • With the steady rise of mobile web browsing, it really is undeniable that the implementation of an AMP framework is essential in staying along with your competition whether you are operating an e-commerce site or a blog. Prozco Branding can be a full-service web site design and development company centered on outstanding website performance. Start your web strategy with a robust AMP development and design solution for a less development, operation, marketing, and SEO costs over time.

Design Services

Our in-house web designers use CSS to customize your site’s layout, style, font, web and branding assets, and dynamic data.