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Corporate Blog Design

Blogs serve as a channel for businesses to effectively get in touch with their target audience.

Streamline your site with Unified Branding in Corporate Blog Design

A corporate blog isn’t simply an extension of your corporate website - it’s a significant part of your business’ corporate image.
Blogs are also very flexible. It really is useful for product releases, an extension of a product/service’s knowledge base, product/service tips, and informational articles, and announcements.

You’ll want your blog to become reputable way to obtain information - an authority blog in an over-all sense. Your blog should help position your company as an authority in your field.
A blog is definitely a powerful tool that whenever designed, structured, and maintained properly, will deliver lasting results not merely on the company’s image also for brand awareness and SEO purposes.​

HOW EXACTLY WE Make Corporate Blog Designs Work

The look process for custom corporate blogs is comparable to the procedure we undergo in web page design. We have highly-experienced blog designers to 1st create a prototype. And based on your plan, refine it until it passes our high standards.

They'll then code and integrate the look to your site or create it right into a standalone corporate blog within WordPress.
Once your site is established and configured in WordPress, we will further customize it with plugins to increase its functionality.
We always make sure that the blog’s design is exclusive but nonetheless captures the essence of your corporate website’s image. Consistency may be the key.​

Prozco Branding
Our dedicated blog designers will sit back with you and discuss your targets for your blog, your market, and how you would like to present your corporate image to the said audience.

Prozco Branding’s Client-Focused Corporate Blog Design Services

You have the final say. This applies to our design services. You have the final say. This applies to our design services. It’s not necessarily about the ultimate product but also about how exactly you are able to maximize from it.

You ought to have control over your web presence. Our mission can be to provide you with the various tools and assets to do just that.

Prozco Branding’s Corporate Blog Design Package
  • You can pick from three price tiers predicated on your needs. The typical corporate blog design package begins at $1,500 and includes basic features like:
  • WordPress installation/modifications
  • Prototypes
  • WordPress installation/modifications​
  • Plagiarism Checker​
  • Conversion optimization​
Included in most of Prozco Branding’s design packages will be the following features and services:
  • Dedicated design and digital marketing team
  • Fully-customized design solutions from begin to finish
  • Integrations and plugins (WordPress)