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Marketing and Sales Automation


Scale Your Growth With AI

Marketing Automation Solutions for a Robust Marketing Experience

Marketing and sales automation may bring your marketing campaigns to a fresh level. Streamline your company’s marketing operation and decrease the margin for error with marketing automation software and CRM solutions.

We specialize in creating solutions for three main marketing automation services: (links below)
  • Salesforce & Pardot
  • Marketo
  • HubSpot

Prozco®’s marketing automation solutions will help you with your marketing journey from the look to the implementation stage. We will handle not only your marketing automation processes but also your marketing operations, customer journey, and CRM integration.

Our Strategy: Simplification and Optimization

We think about success in measurable ways.

But we also understand that one cannot become successful in marketing through a secret. That’s why we be sure to sit down with this clients and discuss their company’s goals and needs. We craft each solution according to these specific needs and the consequence of thorough identification, evaluation, and analysis of the company’s existing marketing strategies, market demands, and limitations of the marketing automation technology.

The goal is to simplify complex processes to be able to seamlessly coordinate marketing processes, optimize marketing automation strategies according to updated industry guidelines, and improve the performance of not merely tools but also any integrated software.

Marketing Solution Evaluation

We also offer solution identification and evaluation for companies that are unsure in what marketing automation solution to use or are unsure if their existing marketing automation solution may be the right fit for them.

Over the years, we could actually use companies from different industries and gain deep insights into each industry’s demands. But our encounter also taught us how exactly to evaluate a company’s specific need regardless of industry.

Our evaluation is comprehensive, covering technical, financial, and the end-user facet of an automation solution.

Prozco® also provides expert CRM consultation and management services for a seamless marketing operation. A marketing automation solution means nothing in case you are not on a single page as your customers.

We’re the Automation Experts

The precise scope of our evaluation includes the evaluation of marketing automation tools/software including:

  • Comparison of automation tool vendors
  • Evaluation of features and performance limitations
  • Evaluation of technical and functional requirements
  • Analysis of pricing models and plan contracts
  • Data Schema Integration capabilities

We of expert market automation consultants will provide recommendations and create an automation strategy predicated on your objectives and the results of the evaluation.

Marketing Operation Services

You don’t have to spend months studying your marketing automation software or juggling between different tools. Outsourcing your marketing operation management may also free internal assets and let you concentrate on running your business.The marketing operation services that people offer range between general to specialized processes including:

  • Lead generation campaign
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Marketing communications campaign
  • Marketing database management

Most of these marketing operation services are handled by experts with years of experience in marketing automation services.

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping your customer’s journey involves tracking the customer’s full lifecycle, their interactions together with your brand for each and every stage of the lifecycle, and the customer’s experience with your brand for every stage.

Not all customer journeys will be the same, and actually with a highly effective marketing campaign, their encounters together with your brand will vary. But one method to provide a quality encounter for your customer is usually to optimize every advertising campaign with your customer’s needs at heart.

  • Identify the proper marketing channels
  • Advanced lead nurturing
  • Development of a lead scoring system
  • Content analysis
  • Revenue forecasting
  • CRM Services and Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software integration is essential in the entire success of your marketing operation. The CRM is where in fact the sales reps gain fresh leads and insights into statistics that matter.

That’s why it is essential for your marketing automation solution and CRM to seamlessly integrate. Many of the integrations we focus on include:

Marketo to Salesforce CRM

Pardot to Salesforce CRM

Prozco® also provides expert CRM consultation and management services for a seamless marketing operation.

Marketing Automation Solutions Implementation

Prozco® can help you every step of just how. From evaluation to execution, we provides technical expertise that will save from wasting valuable company money and time because of faulty implementations and integrations.

CRM and social media integration
Marketing database development
Segmentation (static, semi-dynamic, or fully dynamic lists)
To generate leads and management process development and implementation
Marketing automation templates (email and squeeze page responsive templates)
Results that Speak for Themselves

Our marketing automation solutions drive measurable results include effective to generate leads, high email deliverability, excellent marketing operation, and accurate online marketing strategy execution. The simplification of programs also enables companies to possess a deeper insight to their marketing operations and easily measure marketing ROI.

  • Detailed documentation of processes and show outlines
  • Comprehensive training (marketing automation basics and governance, lead nurture campaign setup, lead scoring optimization, and program creation)
  • Change management Performance reports
  • Sales alerts
  • Prozco® provides marketing automation solutions that help streamline your marketing operations. Spend money on the growth of your business.