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Magento 2 Web Design

The Advantage of Magento​ 2

Laptop on the table about flower shop e-business

Magento can be an e-commerce platform that powers over 250,000 online storefronts all over the world.
Magento is considered among the best, possibly the best e-commerce platform. With several powerful features and tools, Magento may be the platform of preference for both B2B and B2C merchants.​

  • Among Magento’s Extensive Features Includes
  • Advanced CMS Powerful admin dashboard
  • Powerful drag-and-drop page builder
  • Mobile e-commerce functionality
  • Multiple storefront management support
  • Powerful analytics tracking and reporting tools
  • Third-party integrations and extensions
  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Preview and staging environment
  • Instant Purchase one-page-checkout
  • Condition-based up-sell and cross-sell tool
  • Rule-based product arrangement
  • Scalable search capability with
  • Elastisearch technology
  • Multiple currencies Multilingual support
  • What to SEARCH FOR in Magento Web Design and Development
  • Magento provides everything you’ll dependence on a well-rounded customer encounter management. The license for the Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) is for free as the Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud Editions) license begin $22,000 for an annual plan.
  • Custom Magento web development could be expensive. Development involves designers that focus on Magento, web designers, SEO experts and UX. A basic website could support up to 6,000 products with a theme template.
  • A custom website can support more than 6,000 products with custom page designs (homepage, checkout page, landing page, etc.), custom banner and/or graphics, and other advanced features. They are the features and processes that drive a custom Magento website design’s cost.
Custom Theme Design
  • You can buy a template from a marketplace or commission a designer to create it from scratch.
  • Hosting costs depend on how big is your Magento site and the quantity of traffic it generates.
  • Your site will require regular security updates, on-going design work, and installing more extensions as the website grow.
  • Exactly like with anything, free extensions won’t offer the same functionality as the paid ones. And if you would like your Magento website to execute at its best, you’ll need at least twelve extensions.
Data Migration
  • Based on the size of the info you would like to import; this feature can be a part of your plan or paid as a standalone service.
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Prozco Branding
Beginning with scratch could be a daunting procedure but we of expert designers and developers will walk you through every step of just how.
  • You can trust our expertise and a committed action to provide transparent service.

Prozco Branding’s Magento WEB SITE DESIGN and Development

Our custom Magento web development package starts at $10,000 nevertheless, you can require custom development quote. Pricing for a custom quote is founded on the components you need on your e-commerce internet site and adjust according to your budget.

  • Our skilled and experienced Magento web site designers and developers will sit back and discuss every part of design and development with you. That is to determine your business’ specific goals in order that our team can create custom-made solutions that will assist you get your Magento store ready to go in no time.
  • Custom theme design
  • Store setup and configuration
  • Custom design and development
  • Custom integrations

Prozco Branding: Expertise You Can Trust

Magento could very well be the most flexible e-commerce platform, providing users with great control over the aesthetic and technical areas of their store and support for stores with inventories of most sizes. It offers all components essential for an e-commerce store out-of-the-box - free of charge.

Prozco Branding can offer you with technical support essential to navigate a complex and powerful e-commerce site.